it's has only been a short time, since Gabby had come to live with Lane
but they have become inseparable, where you see one, you see the other.
you see Lane is artistic and he really doesn't have any friends to play with.
because the area he lives in, doesn't have any kids his age.
so having Gaby to play with, was his dream come true.
they love to play out doors, they swing on the swing.
and slide down the slide, Lane is always at the end of the slide,
cheering Gabby on, saying come on Gabby, don't be scared I'll catch you.
and Gabby always trust him completely, because that's what friends do.

Lane goes to pre-k and the hardest thing he has to do every morning,
is to leave Gabby behind, but every afternoon when he gets off that school bus,
he knows Gabby will be waiting at home for him,
and oh what adventures they will have.
as soon as he gets home, it's off to the outside world, they can hardly wait.
sometimes they go out to the pond and look for fish, or go to the horse pasture
and watch the horses, sometimes they just ride on Lanes bike and pretend
perhaps they are traveling to far away places.
he really don't care what they do, just as long as he has Gabby by his side.

i am sure as time goes on, these two will have such great adventures.
and i hope they will share them with me, so that through their eyes,
we all can travel to all the wonderful places they travel to,
and enjoy all their great adventures with them.
so keep checking back ,as we view thru the eyes of a child,
this great world of ours and all God's creations in it.

the end