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Come Home Safe Daddy


A daddy is leaving today for the war,
He's leaving behind a little boy that is four.
The little boy hugged his daddy real tight and said
Please daddy don't let the war make you dead.

The daddy held back the tears in his eyes
He didn't want the boy to see his daddy cry.
He held the boy and said now don't be afraid
You take care of mommy and try to be brave.

I fight in the war to make mommy and you safe
In hopes that you never have to stand in my place.
I promise that one day soon daddy will be back.
So be a big boy and help your daddy pack.

 But Daddy I think Iraq is a real scary place.
Well son if I get scared, I'll just think of your face.
So you listen to mommy and clean up your room.
And say a prayer each night that the war is over soon.

Written for all the daddy's and mommy's
And everyone who fights to keep America
Safe for those of us at home
Thank you, God bless you
And come home safe.

by Gloria Collins 



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