Poetry By Gloria                                                              


To my sister's friend named Crystal, this I'd like to say,
Thanks for reading my poetry, each time it's sent your way.

You say I have a gift, and this I pray is true.
But the real gift in life is meeting friends like you.

God sends me all these words, of things He'd like to say.
They really are His words, even these I write today.

I'm glad you are my sister's friend, to her you're like no other.
She is someone special to me, sometimes she's like a mother.

So treasure all the friends you find, for they are gifts from God.
He sends you friends to love while on life's road you trod.

So once again my friend, I want to give my thanks to you.
For all my words you've read and every thing you do.


God bless you always.
Written for Crystal Reeves, a very sweet person.
May God watch over you and bless you in everything you do.

By Gloria Collins  6/26/03