David the shepherd, and warrior

one upon a time there lived a boy whose name was David.
David's father was a shepherd, as were a lot of men in David's time.
David's brothers were older and were soldiers for king Saul of Israel
but David was much to young to be a soldier, so he watched his father's sheep.
he also sang and played the harp for king Saul ,to help him sleep at night.
you see king Saul was so worried, because the soldiers of the philistines,
were looking for a fight, and their champion whose name was goliath ,
was a giant who was almost ten feet tall
and when he spoke the Israelites would tremble.

goliath knew that the soldiers feared him,
so he would roar and say,
you Israelites will never win but I will make you a deal ,
you send your best solider to fight me
if he wins we will be your slaves forever
but if I win you will be our slaves forever
for forty days he challenged them to fight him,
but just to look at goliath frightened the Israelites.

David who brought food for his brothers,
heard the great giant roar,
he said, my brothers why do you fear him so,
we are people of god, he will take care of us,
so trust in your god and fear not goliath.
then David went to king Saul and said,
I want to fight goliath,

king Saul said David you are just a boy,
goliath is a giant nearly ten feet tall,
he could break you into,
David answered king Saul and said ,
I have killed a lion and a bear,
who were trying to kill my sheep,
and god was with me both times,
he is my courage and my strength,
he will keep me safe, just as he did back then,

king Saul finally agreed,
he said David go and fight goliath
and may god keep you in his care
then he said ,you may take my armor.
to protect you, while in your battle with the giant.
but David felt he was not worthy to wear the kings armor,
instead he took 5 stones, his sling and his staff.
then David went to the hill

there stood goliath ,roaring down at the Israelites,
goliath looked down at David and laughed,
you think you can beat me with just a sling and staff.
you are little and I will crush you like a toy said goliath,
and feed you to the beast and fowl.
then David said you come to me dressed as a soldier,
with all your armor and a spear
but I come to you in the name of god,
I have no fear because my god will protect me.

then goliath rushed toward David,
with his spear in his hand
and his shield shone bright as the sun,
but David showed no fear,
he loaded a stone in his sling
and aimed it at goliath's head,
the stone flew through the air
and hit goliath in the head ,
and the giant fell down dead.
the army of the philistines saw the great giant goliath fall,
and turned and ran from the Israelites.

the soldiers of Israel cheered with joy,
for the shepherd boy named David had won the battle,
with a sling and just one stone and faith in his god,
he had saved the Israelites.
king Saul was so impressed
he took David back to his palace and from then on
David was treated just like a son, by the king.

the end

story written and copyrighted by
Gloria jean Collins
nov. 5 2007

my version of the great bible story
David and goliath, I hope you enjoy it
and may god bless you.