Poetry By Gloria                                                                       

Dear Mr. President,

I just wanted to say I think you're what's right with this  world today. You have been there to lean on when our world seemed to fall.  You stood in front of the nation so stately and tall.  You gave us strength and a reason to live.  You gave all the love your heart had to give.  I just wanted to tell you I think your the best.  Your actions spoke loud but your heart did the rest.  I know that the Lord blessed us with you and you and the Lord will bring this country through.

I am just one but I know there are others who are as proud as I am that we have you to follow.  The USA, the red, white and blue stands ever tall because of you.  God has a plan for every man, He is the truth on which we can stand.  With this I will close  but I just wanted to say that this American's proud to be in the USA, so thank you sir for listening to me and for all that you do to keep us all free.

May God bless you and keep you safe always.

A grateful

By Gloria Collins 2002