Poetry By Gloria                                                                  

Don't Leave Words Unspoken

A friend of mine lost a loved one today
And it made me cry and i knelt down to pray
It reminded me of some thing i had read
In a verse in the bible that said.


The lord giveth and the lord taketh away,
Oh my friend please don't wait until that day
Tell your loved one you love them before it's to late ,
For they can't hear you when death becomes their fate.


Live each day making memories  you can share
When the one that you loved is no longer there.
Tell them today and everyday from now .
Find some way to show them how.


Tell them their special, important ,a friend !
Because tomorrow for them may just be the end.


Written in memory of billy vance
My neice Shawnna's father
Gone to be with our lord
But not forgotten
You will be missed

By Gloria Collins