Poetry By Gloria                                                        


Easter is not about a bunny and the eggs that he might hide.
It’s about our blessed savior and the reason that he died.
He came into this world to save our souls from hell.
And the story of the crucifixion is not just a scary tale.  


It happened long ago in a land called Israel.
That is where the blood of my sweet Jesus fell.
But it covered every nation, every land and every sea.
The blood of my dear savior was shed for you and me.  

He was only thirty-three when they nailed him to that cross.
He took those nails for us so our souls would not be lost.
So when you think of Easter don’t think of a bunny with big ears.
Think of Jesus Christ and shed some joyous tears.  

For had he not been born to take away our sins.
There’s no telling what kind of world we’d be living in.  

© by Gloria Collins