Poetry By Gloria                                                                          

Faded Memories


Standing in the kitchen in a faded old dress,
Her hair up in curlers, thinking she looked a mess.
He didn't think so he thought she was a dream,
And the prettiest thing that he'd ever seen.

He had married her right out of school,
All of their friends thought they were fools.
But he didn't care because he knew it was right,
Their love was true and for it he would fight.

Now soon there would be a little one on the way,
They were so excited and couldn't wait for the day,
Their love was so deep and it knew no end.
She was not only his wife, but also his friend.

Then the baby arrived and made them complete,
A beautiful little girl so tiny and sweet.
The apple of her daddy's eye, her mothers pride and joy.
Then three years latter along came a boy.

The love of two hearts created a family and home.
Now it's fifty years later and he's all alone.
The kids are both grown and have long moved away.
And the Lord called her home on a bright summer day.

But this morning in the kitchen he could swear he did see.
In a faded old dress and looking as pretty as could be.
With her hair up in curlers, thinking she looked a mess,
His eyes filled with tears and he knew he'd been blessed.

The Lord woke me this morning with this poem,
 I have no idea who the people are, 
I don't know anyone like the people in the poem, 
so I hope maybe it was a message for someone
 and by reading it on my website 
they will recognize themselves 
and if they do I would like them to email me. 
Thanks and God bless you all.

By Gloria Collins