Poetry By Gloria                                                                              

For America I pray

Dear Father up in heaven, it's me.
I'm down on earth below seeking thee.
Help me my Father to understand.
What's happening today in our great land.

America has always stood for freedom for all.
And to defend that right, a lot of soldiers had to fall.
And they gave their lives so others would not be lost.
I guess what I'm asking, was it vain that they paid the cost?

Will America continue to stand tall with pride,
Will we catch those who caused so many to die,
Or will we lose this battle for which so many have chosen to stand,
Will we ever be rid of terrorist on American sand?

I'm praying to you God that each night will further bring,
Peace to our great nation of which we sing.
America the beautiful, from sea to shining sea,
I'm asking dear Lord, keep your hand upon me.

by Gloria Collins