Freedomís not free

Freedomís not free folks, donít you see
Lives have been lost, to protect you and me
Soldiers have fought hard, in foreign  lands
Their blood has been spilled, on the desert sand.
They gave their lives, so we could be free.
They gave their lives, for you and for me.

 There are others who lived and protected us well,
And etched in their minds ,is the pain and the hell.
Seeing their friends beside them, then they would fall
They put their lives on the line, they answered the call.
But so proudly they serve, so proudly they stand
And protect the United States, each woman and man.

So please folks donít think, that freedom is free
Someone has died, for you and for me
Take time to thank them, for all that theyíve done.
They are somebodyís father, mother, daughter or son.
For the red ,white and blue ,the stars and the stripes.
So proudly they serve, so proudly they fight.

Poem written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins


Top picture created by
Gloria Collins