Poetry By Gloria                                                                     



Sometimes people come into your life,
And then they go away.
While others come into your life,
And are truly meant to stay.

I think that there's a reason, 
That we were meant to meet.
Maybe to help each other,
With heartache and defeat.

When I am feeling sad, 
And don't know what to do.
I know my friend,
That I can call on you.

Ever since the day we met,
I feel like I've been given.
A better reason to go on,
With this life that I've been living.

Of all the people that I've known,
In all my fifty years.
You're the only one that has helped,
To chase away my fears.

I'm so glad that I have met you, 
And I know without a doubt.
That having a friend like you,
Is what friendship's all about.

Thanks for being my friend,
All my love and prayers always!

By Gloria Collins 9/6/02  
Wfor my dearest friend, Carrie