Poetry By Gloria                                                                   

God's Newest Angel

A tiny little girl lay in a tangled truck
Her mom sat pinned behind the wheel, her body it was stuck.
I held the little girl's hand and looked into her lifeless eyes
I prayed, "Oh dear God, don't let this sweet one die.

She's only six years old dear God, she has just begun to live
She's got a lot of living left, she's got a lot to give.
Her eyes they were as clear as glass, no life was there to see
And my heart cried out to the Lord, please don't let this be.

The paramedics came just as she took a final breath
They began to breathe into her mouth and tap upon her chest.
Then they said she had a pulse, but to the hospital she must go
But they'd have to take a helicopter for an ambulance was too slow.

When they got her to the hospital they said her brain was dead
And her parents stood there crying, not believing what they had said.
How could their precious little girl be gone, please don't let it be
She can't be dead, please doctor, won't you check again and see.

We have done what we can do for her and now it's in God's hands
I know you want her to live but He may have other plans.
Machines are keeping her alive, she's really already gone.
The decision is up to you, to let her travel on.

God is waiting there for her, to take His loving hand
But she is wanting you to tell her that you will understand.
Now a tiny little angel so precious and so sweet 
Shines so bright in heaven at the Master's feet.


Dedicated to a sweet little girl
who lost her life in a traffic accident.

by Gloria Collins