Poetry By Gloria                                                                          


My granny was a lady, that's one thing I remember.
She had a heart of gold, and a smile so sweet and tender.
Most people called her Mary, but grandpa called her Mae,
He had a love for her that lasted until his dying day.

Mary she loved him dearly, and married him very young,
She gave to him two daughters, and his one and only son.
Jessie Mae was the oldest girl, she died when she was two.
It broke poor granny's heart and left her sad and blue.

Then grandpa he took sick, and God soon called him home.
Now granny had two children to raise all on her own.
But granny didn't worry, she knew things would work out,
Faith in God kept her strong, He'd see her thru without a doubt.

Just like the Lord had promised, her children were now grow,
Now once again poor granny was left all on her own.
Her only son grew ill, his heart they said was bad.
At age thirty two he died, once again leaving granny sad.

Granny cried up to the Lord, pleading "Let this be the last,
I can't take another heartache, life passes by too fast.
I have buried two of my children and my husband, don't you see,
If you're going to take another, dear Lord, let it be me".

Granny's prayer was answered in 1982
God said, "This time my sweet Mary, the roll call is for you.

Dedicated to my granny
(Mary "Manhart" Buie)

By Gloria Collins