Happy Mother's Day To An Angel

Another mother's day is almost here,
And how I wish that you were near.
How I wish I could hold your hand,
Oh mother wouldn't that be grand.
But I won't allow a tear to fall,
 you were the greatest mother of all.

 even if I can't see your smiling face,
I know you're in a better place.
 So Far beyond the setting sun,
With Jesus Christ, the blessed one.
How beautiful Heaven must be,

And one day I know that I will see.
Those Golden streets ,the Crystal sea,
Oh mama that's where I dream to be.
the holy city ,the promise land
 beauty never  seen by mortal man
To look upon the face of God,

And trod where only angels trod.
I know sweet mother that you wait,
Just inside those pearly gates.
but mama I just wanted to say,
I miss you so this mother's day.
But someday soon and I can't wait,
I'll meet you at those pearly gates.

In Loving Memory Of
 my Angel In Heaven
My Beautiful Mother
Agnes Juanita Reynolds

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