Headed Home

A beautiful sweet little angel with soft white flowing wings
She has joined the heavenly choir and eternally there she sings.
God needed her soft sweet voice to fill the heavenly air
So he took her by the hand and gently led her there.
He saw that she was tired and he said it's time for you to rest
she must have been so happy cause he only takes the best
On earth for only 12 short years, yet she had been though so much

But now she is at peace, praise God for the master's touch.
The pain in her body is over and the hurt in her heart is gone
She in a beautiful place called heaven where eternally she'll live on.
Oh my sweet angel I will miss you, but happy I know you'll be
Because once again your mother and grandma you'll see.
So journey on sweet angel fly through the heavenly skies
For it is not good bye my angel we'll meet in the sweet bye and bye

Dedicated to the most sweetest angel I have ever know,
Catherine Andrea Jensen. known to most as cat or Cathy,
As she travels to that city where the roses never fade.


by Gloria Collins