He Prayed


He knelt in the garden that day
On His knees by a rock he did pray.
He prayed to his Father up above,
The one that He trusted and loved.

He knelt there for hours that day,
With a heavy heart that wouldn't go away.
He knew that to save our souls from sin,
that His life would have to end.

He prayed so earnestly to the Father above
Till His sweat flowed as great drops of blood.
He knew what He had to do that night
To save the world and make things right.

I make sure to thank Him every day.
In all I do and in all I say.
For His sacrifice made way back then
He died to save this world from sin.

He is the dearest and best
If you live Him you will be blest.
For the way to the Father is the Son
Where eternity waits for every one.

by Gloria Collins  10/06/03