mama today was your birthday, and I thought about you and I cried,
who ever said the days would get easier ,mama they must have lied.
mothers day is around the corner and how I wish you were here,
sometimes when I get so lonely I swear that I can feel you near.

how do I go on without you, it's been six years and I feel the same.
I try to be brave and happy but my heart it still feels such pain.
so how do I go on without you ? mama can you please tell me how ?
I dream of a time I can be with you again ,oh how I wish it was

I made you a promise the day that you left ,I promised you I'd be alright,
but I didn't know how hard it would be ,not to be able to hug you tight.
so how do I go on without you ? well I'll  just take one day at a time.
that's the only way I can do it ,and not go out of my mind.

so you see I'll never forget you ,cause mama you'll always be here,
the way that I go on with out you, is to always have my memories near.

In Loving Memory Of My Mother
Agnes B. Reynolds


by Gloria Collins