How It Was Meant To Be

I'm just a little boy or girl, my feet are oh so small
I can't even walk real well ,most of the time I fall
I know you say ,that sometimes I make you mad
When you hit me &call me names you make me feel so bad

For I am just a little child, I don't know right from wrong
Please remember that I am weak, but you are oh so strong.
Don't you know that I was made to hold, to cuddle and to love.
I am the future of this world sent down from god above.

So it's up to you to teach to me, love and joy and peace.
And how to make a living so I don't end up on the streets.
Won't you hug and hold me each day and tell me that you care.
And not just holler down at me ,wishing that I was not there.

If you would only show me love, I'd make you proud of me.
Because I know that is the way that god meant for it to be.


                    by Gloria Collins