I Dream Of You

I can't believe you survived so much and now your gone,
It's been five years, how fast time moves on.

Sometimes it seems like only yesterday,
The years they seem to melt away.

I miss you mom more then words can say,
I miss you more each passing day.

I know you're safe and free from pain,
And in heaven we will meet again.

There is so much mom I would say.
If I could wish you back, for just one day,

But my heart knows that can't come true,
So for now my dreams will have to do.

Each night I lay sleeping in my bed,
Dreams of you run through my head.

Each night I dream of being with you,
Some night my dreams will all come true.

In Loving Memory Of My Mother
Anges 'Buie' Reynolds
4-29-1924   To  12-21-2000

By Gloria Collins