I Pray For New Orleans

A town under water, how will they survive.
There are so many people who lost their lives.
The levy, it broke and the water poured in.
Leaving people trapped, some unable to swim.

Families lost homes, some lost each other.
Some were separated from one another.
Not knowing what tomorrow will bring.
With no lights to turn on, no phones to ring.

They rely on each other and strangers as well.
To get them out of this watery hell.
My heart breaks for this once party alive town.
A storm called Katrina has brought it to the ground.

I pray for the families that they may begin to heal.
I can only imagine the pain that they feel.
Tears fill my eyes as I watch the pictures on TV.
Looking at the pictures are a hard thing to see.

Homes are destroyed, lives are lost.
Katrina blew through, not worrying about the cost.
Lord, I ask you to be with these families today.
I feel so helpless, I can only pray.

So please hear my prayers and watch over this town.
Your precious New Orleans has been brought to the ground.

by Gloria Collins