It's Not Time To Go Home


The time was late, I couldn't sleep, I felt so all alone.
I prayed Dear God I'm lonely, won't you call me home?
And then I heard Him answer My child it's not your time.
But Lord I said, I've done my best how can you be unkind?

Again He spoke and said to me, What do you think you've done?
I hung high upon a cross for you, My Father's only son.
He sent me here to die for you so your life may be saved.
Yet here you sit and whine tonight that your life's such a mess.
The pain and heartache I went through, you can only guess.

So get down on your knees tonight and pray a little prayer
For people all around this world whose hurting every where.
They pray to me for guidance, they pray to me for love,
Some even pray like you, to take them to my Father up above.

After all that I have given up so your life can be free.,
Then you sit and cry about your life and speak unkind to me.
Then tears poured down my face, so warm like summer rain.
How could I treat the Lord like this, how could I cause Him pain.

I said dear Lord forgive me, for thinking of only me.
I can only imagine how you suffered on that tree.
Tell me Lord what I can do to carry out your plan.
He spoke and said my child be kind to your fellow man.

Ask what you can do for others, to ease their worried minds,
Show them love in all you do and never be unkind.
Then when you have helped, and done all that you can do,
Then and only then my child will I come for you.

I'll take you to my Father in heaven up above.
He'll wrap you in His arms and cover you with love.
I said ok I'll do it, I'll carry out your plan.
I'll do all that I can do to help my fellowman.

And when my time is over and you have come for me,
I'll take my seat at your feet, beside the Crystal Sea.
Finally home, no more to roam in pain and misery.

By Gloria Collins