I Went To Your Grave

Today I went out to your grave.
I smelled the flowers that upon it laid.
My mind went drifting back in time.
When you were here and things were fine.

I thought of the times that I stopped by,
We drank coffee and talked, you and I.
I thought of times I came to you,
When I was sad, alone and blue.

You always knew just what to do
I knew I could confide in you.
I miss those times, I miss you too.
I'm so sad, alone and blue.

So today I went out to your grave
I tried to smile and be brave.
Your body's there, it's laid to rest,
But your soul is what I loved the best.

It was the very heart of you,
And when you died, to heaven it flew.
I wish I could look up to the clouds and see
Your smiling face looking down at me.

I miss you mom.

by Gloria Collins 9/28/03