About Me
(Gloria Collins)



I was born in Tampa, Florida in 1952.  We traveled around a lot while I was young and lived in several Florida towns, but Lakeland, Florida has been my home for the last 38 years.  I am the sixth child of my mothers eight children.

I am 59 years old and the mother of two beautiful daughters. April, age 40 and Krystal 35.

The Grandmother of seven wonderful grandkids. Michael, 22;  Sonya, 21; Cheyenne, 17;  Brian, 14;  Kerigan, 14;  Kaitlyn, 12; and Nickie, 11.  One great grandson, Nathan Riley Harrison,  15 months.

My husband and I adopted our great nephew, Lane, when he was 7 weeks old. He is now 7 years Old.  Being a New mom at my age is not as easy as it was when my girls were young, but I thank God for my new son, and love being his Mommy.

 I have a wonderful husband named Tim, who is the love of my life.  We have been married nineteen Years.  I never knew what true love was until  I met him.  I thank the Lord everyday for sending him to me.