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A Baby Brother For Sarah


It has been four years since Sarah had her heart transplant. She is now eight years old and still Bill and Susie's Christmas miracle. Life at the Kendell house is wonderful and getting better every day. Susie has just found out that she is going to be a mother again, and is so excited. She wants to tell Bill but in a very special way. She planned a nice dinner and put on her best dress, fixed her hair just the way Bill likes it and waited for him to come home. When Bill finally came home, Sarah met him at the door with a big hug. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers and said, "Hi Daddy, did you have a good day?" Bill put his briefcase down and said, "Yes, I did Sarah, yes I did. How about you, baby girl? How was school?" "It was great Daddy, we got a new girl in my class and she's really nice." "Good," he said, "Maybe you two will be friends, by the way, where is Mommy?" "She's in the kitchen, Daddy, she's cooking and she looks real happy." "Really?" said Bill, "Well, lets go see what's going on." "Okay," she answered, and they went to find Susie.

"There you are," Bill said as he walked up behind her and put his arms around her. "I heard you were in a good mood, what's going on?" Susie smiled at him and said, "We'll talk later, dinner is ready so lets eat." "Okay," he said, "It sure looks good." "It sure does," said Sarah, "And I'm starving." The three of them laughed and sat down to eat. Bill said, "This is a wonderful meal Susie, is there a special occasion I forgot?" Susie said, "No Bill, it's not something you forgot, I just got some good news today and wanted to share it with you and Sarah." Sarah spoke up, "What's the good news Mommy?" "Well," Susie said, "I went to the doctor today and he said my tummy aches are not really tummy aches, he said we're having a baby!"

Bill stared at Susie in amazement, not believing his ears. Sarah jumped up and down with excitement, yelling, "We're having a baby! We're having a baby!" Bill grabbed Susie around the waist and said, "Is it really true, Susie? Are we really having a baby?" Susie laughed and said, "Yes, Bill it's really true." Sarah said, Mommy when will the new baby be here?" Susie smiled and said, "Right around your birthday, Sarah, just in time for Christmas." "Wow!" said Sarah, "I'm going to be a big sister!" "That's right," said Susie, "And I know you will be a wonderful big sister."

Latter that night, after they had put Sarah to bed, Susie said, "Bill, are you really happy about the baby? I know we didn't really expect another baby right now." Bill pulled her close and said, "Happy? I am more happy than Susie, I thought life couldn't be any better than this, now God has not only given me a beautiful wife, but He has given me a wonderful family. He truly is an awesome God and I am so proud to serve Him." Susie said, "Me too." Bill kissed Susie and said, "Now, lets get you to bed, you need your rest." As the days went by in the Kendell house, life was wonderful. Susie seemed to glow, like most pregnant women do.

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