Little Boy In The Wheelchair

A little boy sat in a wheelchair all alone.
He had no friends to call his own.
Other kids didn't want to play
When they saw he was crippled they ran away.

He once had been just like them
Laughing and playing with all his friends.
Then riding with his mom on the way to town
A drunk driver mowed them down.

It crippled him and his mom, it killed.
Because of alcohol their blood was spilled.
The drunk driver, he also died
And late at night the little boy cries.

"Dear Lord can you make me walk again,
So I can play and have some friends?
No one wants to play with me,
A little crippled boy is all they see.

Kids you see can be so cruel,
They laugh at me when I'm at school.
They call me names, they think it's fun,
They think that they are not hurting anyone.

But my feelings are still in tact,
It's my legs that are broken and my back.
The doctors say I'll never walk again,
My legs are bad, they'll never mend.

Please Lord, make the other kids see,
Although my legs don't work, I'm still me.
I'd like to play and have some fun,
Even though I can't walk or run."

Dedicated to all the handicapped children.
Because no matter if they are wheelchair bound,
It's in the heart that love is found.

by Gloria Collins  9/28/03