Lost And Found

once upon a time .there lived a little teddy bear
she went to an animal auction with a little boy
and as soon as the auction started, the little boy
started to run and play with some other children.
and soon forgot all about his teddy.
he dropped her down to go play and
never came back to get her, "poor teddy".
she laid there all night shivering in the dark,
thinking any minute he'll be back to get me,
tears filled her eyes, as she thought to her self,
he has to remember me, i know he will come get me.

but as the night turned to daylight, the little boy never came.
the poor little teddy bear laid there all dirty and scared.
what will i do, thought the teddy bear, what will happen to me.
she thought about all the times she had been there at night,
when the little boy was scared and she cuddled close to him,
so he wouldn't be afraid, now she was the one that was afraid
and no one was there to cuddle her,
she prayed, dear god, please send someone to save me
and i promise i will be the best teddy in the world to them....amen.

suddenly the little teddy bear heard a noise ,
it was a car pulling into the auction.
it must be the little boy, he must have remembered me.
and he has come back to get me ,
she was so happy & relieved, she laid there waiting,
finally someone reached down and picked her up,
but to her surprise it was another little boy.
he held her up and said, look mommy, can I have her?
his mommy said," oh honey she is so dirty, lets take her home
and we will clean her up, then maybe you can keep her,
the boy's mommy put the teddy bear in the the car.
the little boys daddy was loading animals on a truck,
that someone had bought the night before from the auction.
that was his Saturday job, usually the little boy wasn't with him,
so god must have heard the little teddy bear's prayers,
and she was so happy he had.

later after they got home, the mother put the teddy bear
in the washer, and then in the dryer, when the dryer timer went off,
the little boy was the first one to reach in and grab her out .
oh look mommy, he said she is so clean, now can I keep her,
please... can I ,he said hugging the teddy close to him.
his mommy laughed and said, how can I say no to that.
yes, you can keep her, oh thank you said the little boy.
what are you going to name her said the boys mommy ,
I have no idea, said the little boy, how about Gabby, said the boys mother.
because I am sure you two will talk up a storm
then she laughed,
the little boy hugged the little teddy and said, hi Gabby,
my name is Lane and we are going to be best friends.
and the teddy smiled at Lane, as she thought,
yes we will Lane ,yes we will, then she looked up and said,
thank you God, I was lost and now I'm found.

The End