Lost In The Memories

Today as I sat there in my room.
My thoughts were sad, so full of gloom.
I thought of you but you were not there.
My mind went blank, I sat and stared. 

I tried to remember your sweet smile.
The sound of your voice, but it's been a while.
I wish I could look into those loving eyes.
I remember them, they were kind and wise.

I tried to picture your sweet face.
But all I could see was empty space.
I felt so lonely as I sat there for awhile.
Then I remembered something that made me smile.

I remembered the way you held me tight,
When I was scared in the cold dark night.
You brought me comfort when I was in pain,
You were always there when I called your name.

Your love it shone, like a beacon in the night.
When things went wrong, you made them right.
So I know now cause you helped me see.
That I'll always have you, because you're a part of me.

I miss you mom,
But I'll never forget you.

By Gloria Collins