Made In The Image Of God

Jesus loves His children, 
All His children of this world.
No matter the color of your skin,
Jesus died for all our sins.

He shed His blood upon that tree,
And gave His life for you and me.
He didn't say, Father I'll die,
For men whose skin's the same as I.

He said I'll take this cup of all their sins,
I'll give my life for all of them.
God made us each, we're all the same,
The way we act, we are to blame.

Some think one color is the best,
they think of themselves and not the rest.
We are all the same, inside and out.
That's what creation is all about.

To be the image of God, is not in the skin,
But inside the heart that lies within.

We as a nation and as Christians should look at the heart of man and not his skin tone.  The bible says we are created in the image of God.  God is love, purity and goodness, not skin color, hatred, and greed.  Red, yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight.

By Gloria Collins  7/24/03