Magnolia Lane

( Where Love and the Magnolia Blossoms Bloom)


This is a Fictional story,

about a 16 year old girl, who visits her grandparents home in Georgia, which is a historical southern plantation. called Magnolia lane. where she not only learns all about her southern heritage, and how her great grand father was the mayor of the town. she also learned all about his part in the civil war.  she learned about slavery, and was hurt that her family could be involved in such a thing. but the best part of her whole summer was when she met a boy. just as her mother and her grandmother had done. would she carry on the family tradition and marry the man of her dreams! one thing for sure her life would never be the same, if nothing else she would always remember that summer, in Georgia at a plantation called magnolia lane, where  both love and the magnolia blossoms bloom..... 

The people in this story
are no way related to any persons, living or dead.
written and copyrighted by Gloria Jean Collins 2012

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