Mama didn't ask for much in the years she was living.
Except for the children that she bore, to have a decent living.
She was as proud as she could be of each and every one,
Of her beautiful seven daughters and he one and only son.

Her love for life and family helped see her through the years.
Some memories brought her joy while others brought her tears.
But she never seemed discouraged by the life that she was living,
She was always helping others, she tried to be so giving.

She loved us all without a doubt, that's one thing we all know.
She gave up her life, her dreams, to watch her children grow.
I know if she had it to do over, her life would be the same.
Because I know that mama wouldn't want anything to change.

She went through hard times in her live but never once complained.
And no matter what she went through her faith in God remained.
She loved to talk to people she'd meet upon the street,
About her having cancer that God had helped her beat.

Heaven must shine brighter now that mama walks it's streets,
And I bet she's telling her stories as she sits at Jesus' feet.
About all the things He did for her and how she passed His test,
That's why she is with him now, cause He only takes the best.

By Gloria Collins  8/18/02