Mama's Little Brother

Mama had a brother William Leroy was his name.
When he came into her life, mama's whole world did change.
She was an only child till then and was the apple of her daddy's eye.
Then her brother came along and changed all that and it made my mama cry.

She thought because he was a boy, her daddy loved him more.
But that wasn't really true because both his children he adored.
William Leroy he was sick, he got Polio when he was two.
And big sister Agnes tried her best to do all that she could do.

She thought it was her fault because she was jealous of him.
She thought the Lord was punishing him for the feelings she had within.
She tried to help the best she could to help William Leroy along.
She played with him and cared for him and at night sang him a song.

Then his health grew better and he grew up and lived a normal life.
He worked on trains like his daddy did but never took a wife.
At 32 his heart grew weak and William Leroy died.
It broke my mama's heart and I often heard her cry.

Yes mama had a little brother and William Leroy was his name.
And the day he died once again her whole world did change.

In loving memory of my 
Uncle William Leroy Buie
Whom we called W.L

By Gloria Collins  8/3/03