Mama's Stories


Mama told us lots of stories about her life through out the years,
Some of them made us laugh, while other brought
us tears.

  She told us about her daddy and how he died so very young,
I really think that's when her heartaches first begun.  

She said he was a railroad man and dearly loved the trains.
And after the day he died her mama was never quite the same.  

Mama told us  granny Mae's  headaches were so bad.
And to see her suffer with them so much, it made my mama sad.  

Her baby brother was always sick so mama cared for him,
She did the  cooking  and cleaning  and never had many friends.

  She always dreamed of growing up and being a wife and mom.
 she did and she loved us all and on her we could depend upon.  

Three years ago my mama died and went to her heavenly home,
But before she did she raised us all, to stand up on our own.  

Although she may not be with us in body still today.
Woven deep inside our hearts, is where she’ll forever stay. 

© by Gloria Collins    2/7/04