Mary must have cried

Oh Mary how you must of cried
The day your sweet Jesus died
I know all the world mourned the loss
But you gave birth to the one on that cross

To us he was our savior and our king
But to you sweet Mary he was your everything
Oh how your heart must have broken
The look in your eyes were of words unspoken

As you watch him dieing on that cross
Giving his life paying the ultimate cost
To save the souls of sinners like you and me
But you knew that was the way it had to be.

As you knelt at his cross and watched him die
Oh sweet Mary what tears you must have cried
 what pride you must have felt for him in so many ways
To know that his blood paved a road to heaven that day

In heaven your reunion must have been grand
For you sweet Mary were the best mother in the land
 The hardest thing other then to look death in the eye
Is to have to watch helplessly as your child dies.

my tribute to Mary ,the mother of our king
and savior, Jesus Christ

By Gloria Collins