merry Christmas 2007

Bobbi's is tired, there has been lots to do,
home depot has kept her busy all year thru.
but her tree is all set ,and the presents are wrapped
so Bobbi snuggled down for a long earned nap.

she dreamed of a Christmas from a long time ago
she dreamed of mama and how she missed her so.
she remembered how mama  loved Christmas so much.
she remembered her smell ,she remembered her touch.

then an angel so lovely ,dressed in silver and gold.
appeared in her sight ,what a vision to behold.
it was mama, as an angel, what a beautiful sight,
her eyes how they sparkled, they lit up the night.

she reached out and took Bobbi into her arms.
and promised she'd be there, to protect her from harm.
then she sweetly kissed her forehead and said please don't cry.
I'll see you one day in the sweet by and by

to my sissy Bobbi
merry Christmas 2007


                                   CHRISTMAS MEMORIES OF

                   MOTHER AND BOBBI