Mother's Day 2002

People are busy sending flowers and more.
To all of their mothers whom they adore.
You are not here, for me to say,
How much I love you this Mother's Day.
So with pen and ink I'll write it down.
I'll send it to heaven where you can be found.

I wanted to tell you this Mother's Day,
That you were my hero, in so many ways.
Your strength and your courage, I admired.
You never gave up, even when you were tired.
You were my sunshine, when there was rain,
You were my laughter, when there was pain.
You were my shelter on a stormy night,
When darkness came, you were my light.

You were always there, to help me along.
Life seems so lonely now that you're gone.
You were my mother, you were my friend.
the bond that we shared will never end.
This Mother's Day I'll bow down in prayer,
Give thanks to the Lord for the love that we shared.


By Gloria Collins   5/11/02