My Friend Carrie

I asked the Lord to find me a friend so sweet and true.
Someone I could confide in and tell my troubles to.
Then while surfing the internet late one night,
I came across a web site and it set my heart in flight.

For here there was a woman, whose life was much like mine,
The things that she had been thru, during all her troubled times.
I sent her an email and told her of my life,
All about my heartaches, my worries and the strife.

I couldn't believe how much alike our two lives could be.
I poured my heart out to this stranger,  And she poured her heart out to me.
I feel the Lord has blessed me and answered all my prayers,
And sent to me a friend, someone who really cares.

Even thought I've never met her,   
We're as close as we can be.
And I hope our friendship means as much to her, 
As I know it does to me.

By Gloria Collins 8/3/02