My Friend Mary

The day that I first met her, she told me of her life.
How that old life had caused her pain and strife.
She had been on crack and sold her body to men,
Then she met her Saviour and her new life had began.

Now she proudly testifies to all that she does meet.
Of how her Saviour rescued her from life upon the street.
Over twelve years she has been clean of alcohol and drugs,
She traded them all away for Jesus and His love.

We have been best friends now for over six long years,
She's shared a lot of laughs with me and dried a lot of tears.
Her friendship I truly treasure more than any silver or gold.
For friendships like ours are hard to find and even harder to hold.

That's why I admire her and why I always will,
For there's a spot inside my heart that only she can fill.

I love you my friend.
Written for my friend, Mary Edwards

By Gloria Collins  6/11/03   Home