My Momma's Cane

My momma's cane I keep with me,
As a constant reminder for me to see.
For so long I could lean on her love,
Until the Lord called her up above.

She kept that cane so she wouldn't fall,
Now  it stands against my wall.
Left to stand there all alone,
Since God called my momma home.

God is like my momma's cane,
Always there, always the same.
He'll steady you, so you won't fall.
He's always there, waiting for your call.

That cane it meant a lot to her,
When she would walk she felt secure.
Knowing that on that cane she could depend,
Almost like a good old friend.

On the Lord you can depend,
He'll be your hope, he'll be your friend.
That's what that cane has made me see,
That's why I keep it close to me.

By Gloria Collins   6/11/03