Our Beloved Nena


Her days on earth are over ,her battle here is done.
now she has gone on to heaven, with God the Father and his son.

She leaves behind her family ,the ones that she adores,
But they know that now she is free, the pain she'll feel no more.

So as you gather around today to pay tribute to her life .
 think of all the good times, and forget the heartache and the strife.

Think of all that she has gained, in the years that she has lived,
and she gave you all the love that her heart had to give.

She loved you all and was proud of the family she adored,
She loved you then ,she loves you now and she will forever more.

written by
Gloria Collins

she will always be remembered
may God be with you all.

written for 2 of my sister's
whose mother in law passed away
and for nena's entire family
my deepest sympathy