Never Feel Unworthy Of His Love

sometimes when you think God has left you,
and you feel unworthy of him,
just get on you knees and pray,
and ask him into your life.
because to God ,we are all worthy of his love.
he created us, each and every one
and he loves us unconditionally.
so when it seems like life has lead you astray,
God will always be there, to welcome you back
he is an all knowing ,loving God.
 he know as humans, sometimes we make mistakes
but if we ask for his forgiveness
like a good father, he always forgives
and he always loves us, even if we don't love ourselves
so never feel unworthy of his love .
just ask him to come down and fill your heart with love,
for without his love we would be lost.

by Gloria Collins
Nov. 2008

song playing is 
Please Come Down To Me
by the Crabb Family

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