Our 15 Th. Anniversary

My love for you my darling, grows deeper every day,          
I have loved you for 15 years, my love will never go away.

You have been my sunshine, on a cold and dreary day.
You've been there always for me, your love has never strayed.

Every time I look at you my heart just skips a beat,
Like the day that I first met you and you swept me off my feet.

You have always been there when I was sick, always by my side,
The tears that I have cried your strong hand has always dried.

You are my best friend my husband and my lover,
You alone hold the key to my heart, for me there is no another.

I would trust you with my life ,I'd place it in your hands,
Because you and you alone ,my love could understand.

This life that God has given me hasn't always been the best of times,
But I thank him every day for it ,because you he helped me find.

I want you always to remember, that my love for you is true,
And I have never been any happier, then the day we said I do.

For the wonderful man I married 
15  years ago, I love you forever
your wife

                        By Gloria Collins--8/12/06    HOME