Peace at last

This old world, seems like it’s changing so fast,
I don’t know how much longer it can last.
There is so much hatred and violence around,
And it seems like no peace anywhere can be found.

But Lord, if they only knew you like I do,
There could be peace in their hearts too.
If they just call on you Lord, in heaven above,
Peace they will find, in your heavenly love.

They will find love so precious, and peace so Devine,
If they just call on you Lord, while there is still time.
I believe Armageddon, is soon on the way,
They should fall to their knees and begin to pray.

When the clouds start to part, in the heavenly sky,
Those that don’t believe will fall down and cry.
They waited too long, and they chose not to believe.
So you’ll gather your people, and the nonbelievers you’ll leave.

But I am a believer Lord, and I can’t wait to ride,
On those heavenly clouds way up in the sky.
I want to drink the cool water from the crystal sea,
And see that peaceful place, where you and mama wait for me.

I want to hear you say, "Welcome home my sweet child"
And see my mama again, with her beautiful smile.
I’ll know that I’m safe, from my sins of the past,
And then I will finally have peace at last.

Written and copyrighted by Gloria Collins: 7-16-2011
Title By My Sister:   Lydia Bozeman

Song:  Peace In The Valley
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