Poem To Mom

As I sit here tonight again with thoughts of only you.
My live it seems so lonely that I don't know what to do.
I miss your voice, your loving smile, I miss each part of you.
I wish that you were here to tell me what to do.

When I was growing up in life you were always there.
To lend to me a helping hand or showed me that you cared.
It seems like you have been gone for such a long, long time.
My heart inside is breaking so, I fear I'll lose my mind.

The days they come and go but your memory's always here.
Sometimes I see you in the clouds, I hear your laughter in the air.
I know I should be grateful you're no linger in any pain.
And when I get to Heaven I'll see you once again.

You know that I believe in Christ, how He died and rose again.
How he gave His live on Calvary to save us all from sin.
I know He has you there with Him and He's watching me below.
And when it's time for Him to call me to Heaven I will go.
Mama I sure do miss you and I had to let you know.

Well to bed I'll go and try to sleep so pray for me tonight.
I'll dream about the days to come when you can hold me tight.
Until that day I'll have to wait and carry on without you.
I'll sit and think of you all day and dream each night about you!

By Gloria Collins 3/7/01