Revenge Is Sweeter Then Wine

who am I to cast the first stone

Revenge they say is sweeter then wine
but that my dear friend, is just an old line.

Friendships are friendships and some may end,
but why have hatred ,where love had once began

If your friendship grows cold and you need to move on.
then don't spread rumors, let by gone's be by gone's.

What does it get you ,when will it end.
how can you be cruel ,to one you used to call friend.

I think that it's petty and I think it's cheap.
but don't worry my friend, I won't lose any sleep.

Your words can not hurt me, though they cut like a knife.
i still have my pride and I'll get on with my life.

But one day you'll wake up and your gonna find
that no other friendship was truer then mine.

Yes revenge you may think, is sweeter then wine
but that's just the devil taken control of your mind.

Revenge is mine says the Lord ,
and that my friend should not be ignored.

poem written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins

this was written for 
my bestest friend in the whole world
Carrie kinyon
who has had some heart breaking friendships
don't be discouraged my friend
real friends never leave