Ronald Wilson Reagan

They say he is ill, he has lost his memory.
I think it's so sad, how can this be?
He was a great actor back in his time,
This wonderful ex-president of mine.

But Alzheimer's has robbed him of his life,
Now he's dependant on Nancy, his wife.
To care for his needs and help him go on.
His body it's still here, but his mind it is gone.

She gives him her love and prays every day,
For the will to go on, when the Lord calls him away.
Once mighty and proud, this man Ronald did stand,
As the president of this great American land.

Now lost in himself, trapped in his own mind,
Is the great Ronald Reagan, a legend in his time.
From the silver screen to the white house house lawn,
A hero he'll be, long after he's gone!

Just wanted to give some thanks to one of the greatest presidents I think this country has ever had, Ronald Wilson Reagan.  Alzheimer's can inflict pain on a life no matter who you are.  I pray someday for a cure, what heartbreak it can cause to the survivors of those who have their lives ripped apart by this horrible illness.  May God bless them all.

By Gloria Collins   8/26/03