Saving Sara

Little Sara pulls her nightgown on,
And prays to Jesus that her daddy stays gone .
She lays down and tries to sleep,
Her arms so bruised and her body so beat.

She prays her mommy will be happy now,
And that she can go on, without her somehow.
For Jesus is coming to take her away from the pain,
And her heartless daddy can never hurt her again.

Mommy tried to protect her the best that she could,
But daddy just hit her when ever she would.
Now daddy will be sent away to jail,
And mommy will be out of this living hell..

And little Sara will be free from the pain within,
And live forever in heaven, with Jesus her friend.

This poem was started by my granddaughter
Who is 11,at least the 3 and 4th, 5th lines
She didn't know where to go from there
The Lord gave me the rest of the poem
Cheyenne is a lot like her grandma,
We neither one like that child abuse exists
In this world today ,although Cheyenne has
Wonderful loving parents ,she like a bunch of
Children have seen the horrors on tv,
And would like to see it stopped.



  by Gloria Collins