Saying Goodbye To Mama

The passing of a mother is the hardest thing to bear.
All your life you thought that mama would be there.
And if you had a problem or just needed a big hug.
You knew you could depend on her undying love.

So saying goodbye to your mother is not an easy thing.
I think that it's the biggest heartache that live can ever bring.
But if you'll just remember the love in your mama's eyes.
You will come to realize that a mother's love could never die.

The things that she has taught you stays locked inside your soul.
And memories my friend, are worth more than any gold.
So just remember her in all you say and do,
And I promise you, she will always be with you.

A Young Dorothy Bailey

Dedicated to Mary Osborne in memory of  her mother: Dorothy. Bailey.
By Gloria Collins June 2005   Home