September 11th 2006

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September eleventh two thousand and six,
pain in our hearts can never be fixed.

When those twin towns came crashing down,
Thousands of people were never found.

And we morn their loss every day,
But etched in our hearts they will forever stay.

The pentagon workers who were killed that day,
Will also forever in our memories stay.

The flight that went down in the Pennsylvania field,
is not a movie the pain is real.

We will never forget that painful day,
When the terrorist took our loved ones away.

But America will not let it happen again,
fight this war and we will win.

The red white and blue the stars and the stripes,
Will forever fly free both day and night.

Lady Liberty she still watch's over us today,
we're still proud to be living in the USA.

America will never forget
September 11th. 2001
day our whole
World changed.


By Gloria Collins -9-2 2006                HOME