She Prayed For Me

When I was a little child,
Still so young, meek and mild.
My mother knelt beside my bed,
I still recall those words she said.

Each night before I went to sleep,
She prayed to God my soul to keep.
She said "Watch her Lord through the night,
Wrap my child in your sweet light.

Be there with her every day,
This dear Lord is what I pray.
Help me teach her wrong from right,
So she may walk your path of light."

And now I'm grown and mama's gone,
But I know her prayers still linger on.
For each night before I go to bed,
I kneel to God and bow my head.

I pray "Dear Lord help keep me strong,
I've always tried to do no wrong.
Keep me safe all through the night,
And wake me with the morning light."

Then as I crawl into my bed,
I still can feel her kiss my head.
I whisper "Mom I still love you",
And she whispers back, "I love you too."

Written in memory of my mother Agnes Buie Reynolds
4/29/24 - 12/21/2000

by Gloria Collins  May 2004