Sing For The Lord

Gods littlest angel he loved to please his king,
So every day he practiced, a special song to sing.

He had to get it right, before he could sing it to the Lord,
But when he asked for help, it seem that he was just ignored.

So he said Saint Peter won't you help me ? for I want so much to sing,
Saint Peter said sure I will, for what joy to the Lord it will bring.

So he practiced all day long and some times till late at night,
For he wanted it to be good, he wanted it to be right.

Finally the day had come and all the angels gathered round,
And there stood the littlest angel, to scared to make a sound.

Then the Lord said to the little one, don't be scared my son,
I think of all the angels you are my favorite one.

So take you little horn a play for me a sweet tune for me,
And the angel played and sang, so sweet and all of heaven did see.

When he had finished singing the Lord and all the angels did cheer,
And the littlest angel knew for the first time, the reason he was here.

We should all sing
 For the Lord
For he is worthy
To be praised.


By Gloria Collins--8/12/06                HOME